tami L. Clark (sister, Daughter, Granddaughter of Deceased)(non-registered)
Dear laura,

Thank you for the lovely photographs you took of the clark family, and extended family members, gathered to scatter the ashes of loved ones that have passed away over the last 26 years.

Kevin's and Kelly's daughters did a phenomenal job in planning and hosting this special memorial to honor and pay respect to our deceased loved ones.

Thank you again for your participation. You are indeed a talented photographer.
Laura, your work is wonderful and keeps getting better. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Congratulations :)
Aunt Paula(non-registered)
Laura, your work is beautiful! And you are doing something you have a passion for. Can't wait to see more!
Awesome work Laura! I'm so happy you are getting to do what you love, and are obviously good at :)
Jeannie Denson(non-registered)
Laura, You do amazing work. Thank you for sharing.
Callie Scheetz(non-registered)
Love the website, Laura!
Swoyer Photography
Hello to anyone who may be looking for pictures of Molly and aDeana's wedding. There are a few sneak peeks on the swoyer photography facebook page.
I will be away for the next 2 weeks but more photos and a full gallery will follow!
Thanks for checking in!

Mandy Lape Freeberg(non-registered)
Dear Laura, I'm looking for last Saturday's wedding photos, I've heard that there are teasers and that they are perfect. Can't wait to see more of your wonderful work. Peace, M
Michael Dunkerley(non-registered)
Woo Laura!
Tara Moll(non-registered)
I love the website Lau! I can't wait to see an underwater category on here! :) Keep up the good work!
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