Fun facts: 

I grew up in a teeny, tiny New England town where I had a pretty quintessential childhood of building tree forts, splashing around in brooks, exploring in the woods and playing kick the can until it was too dark to see.

I have a degree in marine biology and worked in California, Hawaii, Washington and South Africa before moving back east to go back to school for photography.

If I don't get outside at least once a day to walk, run or paddle, there is a good chance I might shrivel up and die.

I have a wonderful, patient, tolerant husband who sometimes assists me with large weddings and who generally makes my life better, easier and a whole lot more fun.

I have the best dog in world who loves to hike, paddle and swim as much as I do.

I love working with couples who are fun, laid back and a little bit adventurous, families who don't mind if their kids get a little bit dirty on the way to an awesome family photo and people who think the best photo might not necessarily be the one where everyone is looking directly at the camera.

Today I live in VT with my husband and our pup. I am surrounded by amazing hiking, skiing, paddling and some of the most beautiful photography locations in the world. It is the best!

Swoyer Photography is designed to allow me to focus all of my energy on my clients; those wonderful people who let me to do what I love. I have worked with some amazing couples and families over the past few years and I have learned a lot about myself as a photographer and what I really want out of life. I believe that behind every great image is a little bit of adventure and that getting there is half the fun. The moment may be fleeting but the image and the memory will be around for years to come.