Two summers ago my husband and I got married. We planned, we budgeted, we went through the process that our clients are going through when they contact us. We got to see, firsthand, what it takes to plan a wedding. During this process I learned two things:

1. Weddings are expensive.

2. Budgeting is important.

Some of our clients have family backing them and might have a little more financial wiggle room while others are taking the burden on themselves and have to count every penny that goes into the planning process.

Thinking back to our wedding, Mike and I planned and paid for a lot of it ourselves, but our parents and a few other wonderful family members pitched in to help us out with things like the rehearsal dinner, photographer, and a few extra rounds at the bar. That help allowed us to book the vendors we really wanted. Our wedding was perfect, amazing, and exactly what we were hoping for.

This got me thinking.... What if our clients need a little help? Maybe they don't want the fancy casserole dish. Maybe they would rather have a beautiful wedding album or an extra hour or two of photography coverage at their wedding.

Now our brides and grooms can register for additional time, albums, and print credits. 

Because we love the idea of our favorite couples having more time for photos with family, friends and each other, we are offering additional time at a much lower rate than we normally charge for additional hourly photography.

1 hour of photography: $200 (normally $300)

2 hours of photography: $350 (normally $600)

Want to gift your favorite couple a canvas, framed print, or album?

Just ask for a quote! Pricing starts at $100.

If you would like to purchase additional time, an album or print credits for your favorite couple please email us at: [email protected]

and tell us what you would like to purchase and who it is for.